The Guardian Gallery

I never knew about this gallery before a few days ago, it’s in the Guardian building at Kings Cross, There are a few rooms with different exhibitions in. These were a few of… Continue reading

Final Knit Collection

These are a few of my collection of final knits to go along with the taxidermy project. I mixed up lots of techniques using both hand and machine knitting. I really like the… Continue reading

Taxidermy; Autumn/Winter 2010

This project was for Knitwear and had to be designed for a specific season. I looked at trend predictions for Autumn/Winter 2010, trends were; knit with large holes, layers, organic colours with natural… Continue reading

Trouser shoot

This is the shoot I did to showcase my final piece for the embroidery project, I tried to include the same humour as in the work itself. I like the top three photographs… Continue reading

Mapping (Embroidery)

This project was to a theme called ‘Mapping’ we had to use embroidery techniques to create samples and the aim of the project was to create a pair of trousers. From ‘mapping’ I… Continue reading

‘Botanical Stripe’

  This was my first project at London College of Fashion, it was a Print project called ‘botanical stripe’. I thought it was a hard brief because the theme was so obvious and… Continue reading

Football Hooliganism

For my final major project at Bournemouth Arts Institute I designed around the theme of Football Hooliganism, I was interested in this because it’s not really something you see anything about in the… Continue reading

nature vs. manmade

These are the final designs for a project I did looking at the contrast between manmade and natural changes to the environment around us. I experimented using wrappers, tins and wire to make… Continue reading


These are my attempts at photography on my Art Foundation, the project was just to concentrate on colour. I really like how the images turned out, they look pretty retro!


These are some paintings and drawings I did in College. For some reason I really like them still, even though I can’t imagine the project has much depth…