Urban Zen

Urban Zen is an ethical womenswear brand by Donna Karan. Some of the profits are donated to charity and accessories are made in Haiti in order to display the Haitian’s work in the… Continue reading

Final Half Garment, DaDa

Half of outfit 5, from line-up below.

DaDa Collection, Restrict & Distress AW 11/12

DaDa Knits

Domestic machine knitting, ladders and lace holes. Un-pressed. Industrial machine knitting, monofilament with natural fibres trapped inside tubular knitting. Industrial machine knitting, rib and tubular with fibres trapped inside. Metallic looking yarn to… Continue reading

Development from drapes


Tubes, drapes.

I used a few metres of jersey to create some shapes on the mannequin, I rolled it up to create a long tube. I was looking at restriction and have become interested in… Continue reading

Design Developments

These are all developments of my initial designs (below). Above you can see I have firstly created a very literal perception of my drawings, I then developed this into more wearable and subtle… Continue reading


This is the project I am currently working on, the theme for the brief is DADA. I am looking at restriction and being uncomfortable in feeling rather than visually which is what the… Continue reading

100 years of Japanese Fashion

No photographs were allowed to be taken in the exhibition, so I spent four hours drawing instead.. these are my favourites.  The above pieces I was especially interested in because they all… Continue reading

Moss Green

Before After I bought this coat from the Oxfam website but when it came it was hideous. So I took it to pieces and re-made it in a much better shape, it turned… Continue reading