Exaggerated holding technique

Experiments with holding technique (sock heels). front back Draping on a mini mannequin to see the effect as a garment, works really well! Develop for collection. Life size version! I took a pattern… Continue reading

Jacquards and reversed, final ideas for collection

Jacquard, trial no. 1. Shape from my own ink prints. Slub and cotton, intersting texture. Chosen jacquard shape, development of ink print shape. Development of colour way, chosen for collection! Reversed jacquard, slub… Continue reading

Experiments with foil on knitting

Bronze foil on top of Dubied machine knitting, stretched out to look distressed. Domestic machine knitting with peach metallic foil, also stretched for distressed effect. This is an entirely foiled knitted jumper, commissioned… Continue reading

Laddering, Motion Captured

Laddering techniques on the domestic machine, trials with all different yarns. It’s not wearable! Possible idea for jewellery?

Collection on the catwalk! LCF Fashion Show

The collection has also been selected for the LCF Press Show. Showing 28th June, pictures to come soon!

Final Designs

Colour! Contrasting Metallics & Pastels

Final collection “Motion Captured” AW 12/13

The aim of this project is to explore how movement and sound can be created in stationary art. Inspired by the Futurist Movement and how artists like Balla, Muybridge and Picabia managed to… Continue reading

Team Project for Peter Jensen

A collaborative project with two students from Print, two from Menswear and myself from Knitwear. We had to design a collection containing a mix of womenswear and menswear for Autumn/ Winter 2012 based… Continue reading

Urban Zen

Jewellery I helped to make at Urban Zen.